Oldest UFO (Unfinished Object)

2 02 2008

I pulled out my oldest UFO on Thursday.  There is a story behind it.

 When I was somewhere around 11 or 12 my Grandma Kemmerer was working on embroidering blocks for a state birds & flowers quilt.  When she came to visit, I embroidered two of her blocks.  I’m pretty sure she purchased the Aunt Martha’s iron on transfers for me around this time.  These transfers ultimately became this UFO.  The package was for a Nursery Rhyme crib quilt.  I honestly can’t tell you how many of the blocks I finished then.  The last time I worked on it was while I was pregnant with one of my boys.  I think with the oldest, which would mean about 14 years ago.  Even if it was the youngest, it was at least 12 years ago.

 I probably put it away because I lost the transfer for Little Miss Muffet.  There were supposed to be two blocks of each transfer.  I have six boys and four girls and I had transferred  one more block of each girl to make up for the missing transfer.  I decided on Thursday that I would like to try to find a new transfer package, perhaps from Ebay.  The package was available on Ebay, but would you believe it is still available new.  I couldn’t find it locally on Friday so I placed an order via the Internet.  The price for the package of transfers was from $1.40 to $1.69 depending upon where I purchased it.  The shipping cost finally became the determining factor.  The best price I could find for shipping was $2 so I went through the check out process.  I’ve heard of handling fees, but I found a new charge with this order.  I was charged extra, because my purchase wasn’t large enough.  Ultimately the $1.40 package came to $5.25, but it is on its way.

Next problem, I’m not sure about the fabric content on which the blocks are embroidered.  I suspect it is a poly/cotton blend just because of the era.  I don’t keep it on hand and doubt I will find an exact match.  I decided to see if I could remove the iron on transfer from the two extra blocks.  They have soaked in Oxi Clean and water for over 24 hours and it appears the marks have come out.  The blocks are air drying now and then I will know for sure.

I finished embroidering the last of the ten blocks I had tonight.  I think my embroidery was better when I was 12.  I was feeling a little rusty.  I avoided handwork for several years and preferred to do everything on the machine.  I rediscovered a love of handwork when I started doing hand applique a few years ago.  The appeal of hand embroidery has just come back in the last year. 

Anyway, I’m including pictures of the blocks that are finished.  They haven’t been pressed and have been stored in a trunk for years.



Are there things I would change if I were starting these now?  Yes, I would probably make more of an effort to avoid the shadow through.  I also probably wouldn’t use that nice bright pink for the face and hands.  But considering how old I was when I started these, I think I will just go with what I have.  I just need to wait for Miss Muffet and her spider to arrive and I can finish the blocks.  Then I’ll have to come up with a setting.

P.S.  When I was digging these out I found four more UFOs I hadn’t listed — UGH!




One response

3 02 2008

I was checking my stats and referrers this morning and found that I was getting several hits from a UFO (Unidentified Flying Objects) site based on the title “Oldest UFO.” While some of these people may actually enjoy quilts, I seriously doubt this is what they want to see. I’ve edited my title to include the quilter’s definition of a UFO.

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