29 01 2008

Yeesss, yess, YES!!  Can you hear me yelling wherever you are?  OK, I’ll contain myself.  What is the cause of my excitement?  I just finished my first hand appliqued quilt top moments ago.  This is not the first top I started, but it is the first finished.  I don’t usually applique in the morning, but since my sister and BIL were still sleeping in the basement, it gave me a perfect excuse to work on more leaves.  This is my “Horn of Plenty for a New Century” quilt from the book by Kathy Delaney.  I worked on one block each month in 2005.  In fact, I did the Pomegranate block while we were on an Alaskan cruise (probably our first and last cruise, but that is another topic).  Everything on this quilt is appliqued — even the teeny tiny stems are not embroidered.

img_0058.jpgI’m planning to quilt it pretty much like the one in the book.  Cornucopias in the blank blocks and cross hatching.  The background fabric will be trimmed away around the scallops once it is quilted.  (Click on the thumbnail for a full view.)




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