Where, Oh Where, has the week gone?

25 01 2008

prairie-flowers.jpgI’ve been plugging away all week and don’t feel there is a lot to show for it.  I pulled out my Prairie Flowers UFO.  This quilt is from a book by Barbara Brackman and was originally a block of the month for the “Kansas City Star.”  I started the blocks in 2002 in a Beginning Hand Applique class.  We were only supposed to do one block in the class, but by the second class I had started my second block.  I was now hooked on hand applique! The blocks have been finished since sometime in 2003.  I decided I wanted a King size quilt without making more blocks so worked on a setting that would get me the extra size.   This is a picture from Electric Quilt that gives a rough idea of the setting. (The picture is clickable.)  The blocks are actual pictures of my blocks.  I have had the nine patches finished for at least two years, but hadn’t added the triangles to them.  So that is what I’ve worked on this week.  Between working on a customer quilt I cut over 300 triangles on Tuesday.  I used the Omnigrid ruler and cut the triangles from strips.  Using this method you cut triangles from the same width of strip as you would cut for an unfinished square.  If I were make half triangle squares the unfinished block would be 3 -3/4″.  My strip is 3-3/4″ and because the corner is trimmed off, I still get that size block with these triangles.  A picture is worth a thousand words, so perhaps this will explain it a little better.


img_0048.jpgIf you are interested in learning more about this method, Debbie Caffrey  has very good instructions in her book “Power Cutting, Too.  (She is also an outstanding teacher if you ever have the chance to take a class from her.

I just finished adding the last triangle to the nine patchs this morning and here are the fruits of my labors.

img_0044.jpg The strip that goes with each block is the length of three nine patches.  Once the center is together I will need to applique the borders, which is not shown in the EQ picture.  There are vines that come out of each corner basket and then a mixture of the flowers from the blocks.  These blocks are very large and went quite rapidly so the borders should go together reasonably fast.

I have also continued to work on my Horn of Plenty for a new century.  The corner scallops are appliqued and I have only 18 more leaves to go for that top to be finished.

It was time to think about my next color class project.  I really have no interest in doing another quilt this month.  Our color scheme is Analogous.  We can use from 3 to 7 colors next to each other on the color wheel.  All of the colors need to share one common color.  I had no idea what I wanted to do, but went searching for a print that was Analogous.  I think I found one that I can argue fits that criteria and I bought four accent colors to go with it and plan to make a vest from a commercial pattern.  I need a break after last month’s project.  Here is a picture of the fabric and the pattern from Sew Mini Pieces.


Now I need to get off this computer and get my house cleaned.  My sister and brother-in-law are flying in tomorrow from Portland.  Monday was supposed to be ski day for the boys’ school.  They didn’t get the minimum number they need to go so it was cancelled.  This is usually the only time Nolan gets to ski since no one else in this family is interested.  So Uncle David is going to take him to Copper to ski for two days.  Auntie Sheila gets to hang around here.





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25 01 2008

It certainly looks like a lot to show for it to me!! That will be a stunning quilt! And a fantastic tip and book! That batik is gorgeous too. Enjoy your weekend!

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