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21 01 2008

The title says it all.  I’ve been hanging out in the basement almost constantly since around 9:00pm Saturday night.  What do I have to show for it?  I finally finished the customer quilt that was on the machine and two more of my UFOs are now completed tops.

img_0031.jpgI was trying to figure out why the customer quilt was taking so long.  When I pulled it off the machine it was a “duh” moment, it is a big quilt.  Here are a few pictures of Debbie’s quilt.  It is a Dresden plate.  This is the first quilt she has ever sent to anyone to be quilted and I hope she won’t go into shock when she gets the final invoice.  The second picture shows some of the quilting on the borders.  The last two pictures were taken in low light where I could see the quilting better.  I hope it shows a little here.

 img_0035.jpg  img_0040.jpg  img_0038.jpg


The two UFO quilt tops I finished were both from Quilters Anonymous exchanges.  img_0027.jpgThe first was from a strip exchange in 2006.  I had the strips of squares together when I pulled it out Saturday night.  I trimmed up the strips and cut out and applied the sashing and the borders.  The pattern for this quilt is called Cobblestones and  is from Debbie Caffrey’s book Open A Can of Worms.  I added an extra one inch sashing around the “cobblestones.”  I have to say the colors in the strip exchange didn’t do a lot for me — sorry to any QA members reading.  For me the green sashing and borders made it more palatable.

The second top was a block exchange for  QA.  Each person chose their theme fabric — most used Christmas since that is what was in the original pattern.  We gave each member a piece of or theme fabric and we could choose to supply the background fabric or not.  I didn’t have any fabric on hand that I wanted to use.  I was at the Ruth’s Stitchery end of the year sale in 2006 and there was a very bright Hoffman print in the sale room.  I liked it, but had no idea how I would use it.  It was way out of my usual color box.  I didn’t buy it and when I got home it finally dawned on me I could use it for the block exchange.  I went back and bought the rest of the bolt which meant it was 50% off and the rest of the bolt of a yellow-orange for the background.  Each member in the exchange made a total of 12 blocks two for each person.  The pattern was from a Christmas Issue magazine, I can’t remember which one at the moment and don’t have the urge to go back to the basement and look for it.  This is the result of that block exchange.   You can’t really see the detail of the print.  It is a green barrel cactus with orange and red-violet flowers.  The theme print was originally intended for the alternate blocks.  After receiving my blocks from the group I tried laying it out that way and couldn’t stand it.  I had just enough of the yellow orange background remaining to cut out the alternate blocks and use the theme print for sashing and the sawtooth border.img_0041.jpg

I’ve come to the conclusion, an awful lot of my UFOs are large quilts.  I went ahead and posted pictures of just the tops, since I don’t think I will get to quilt these for a few months.  It also appears I don’t do very simple quilts.  These tops are some of the simplest ones I have in the UFO stack. 

I may need to redo these pictures tomorrow when I have access to the desktop computer.  They seem small tonight.



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22 01 2008

WOW, the quilting you did on the Dresden Plate is amazing. You did a fantastic job!! It puts mine to shame, that’s for sure. Kicking myself for looking….

No, I do love mine. I’m learning…

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