He Came, He Saw, He conquered

12 12 2007

img_1969.jpgThis is a picture of my oven.  “Big Deal,” you say?  Actually it is.  On Sunday this space was filled with a single wall oven, a microwave and another drawer.  The display went out on my old oven and after check prices on parts it would have been around $250 just for the part.   I had been wishing for a double oven, so rather than spending the money to repair the old we put it toward the new.  That is where the “adventure” began.  We received the call saying the oven was in on Saturday.  Guy and Nolan took my Element on Sunday and managed to just fit the oven into the back.  Monday night after work Guy started tearing apart the cabinets and lowered the shelf to hold the oven.  Tuesday Guy went and bought the outlet to attach to the pigtail on the oven.  He was talking to me on the phone about it having 4 prongs and I commented that the old one had only 3.  So then we were wondering if the wiring is wrong.  I crawled back in the hole and started taking digital pictures and emailing them to him.  I finally ended up taking the cover off the receptacle and pulling it out of the wall so I could get a picture of the actual wiring.  Come to find out when they wired the receptacle they just skipped the ground wire, it was there.  So Guy replaced the receptacle.  Now there is a lovely hole all wired and ready to go.  How are we going to get that oven into the space.  Thankfully I borrowed a dolly from the school yesterday and we brought the ovens into the house on that.  (Guy had used one of the boys’ skateboards to take the old oven out.)  We still had a problem.  That oven is in the corner of the kitchen so once it was in front of the hole there wasn’t a lot of room to work.  Also we couldn’t lift it.  We finally leveraged a board under the oven on the dolly.  That brought it to the right height and we could now slide it into the hole.  It is installed and ready for it’s maiden baking.  Bless Guy’s heart, he just kept plugging away until it worked.  I’m seeing all kinds of possibilities here.  Now I can bake a whole batch of granola at one time instead of in two sessions.  We can bake two Papa Murphy’s pizzas at once rather than doing the kids’ first and then ours.  I won’t have to stack food on top of other  dishes if I’m trying to do a big dinner.  I can bake two things at once that take separate temperatures.  Oh yes, this is good!

img_1971.jpgYesterday morning we had a two hour delay for school because of weather, so I started working on more samples for Embroidery Club today.  The theme this month was embroidery on paper.  Before taking the boys to school, I managed to embroider this toilet paper.  (The image is clickable if you want to see it bigger.)  Why did I want to embroider on toilet paper?  Because I can.

img_1972.jpgLast night I managed to finish one more sample — a candle wrap.  I used one of the blackwork run designs in my Bernina software and just digitized a straight line.  I then enlarged the design and embroidered it on Mulberry paper using metallic thread.  Yes, I know paper burns.  So rather than a regular candle I purchased one of those battery operated tea lights.  It fooled my husband last night he thought there was a candle burning in it. 

Because of the delayed start at school yesterday, I had to take the boys rather than Guy.  (The school is on the other side of town from where we live.)  Rather than coming home and working on customer quilts like I should have, I finished my Christmas shopping and met Guy for lunch.  That means I now need to wrap all that stuff.  I saw that Suzanne wrote on one of her journal pages that she doesn’t go all out on wrapping presents any more.  I think I am even worse than her.  About all I do anymore is put the paper on them (Paper I bought after Christmas the year before for $1 a roll).  I don’t usually bother with bows  and sometimes not even names.  That way the boys have to wait to find out which gifts belong to them.  Suzanne said her boys wouldn’t mind if the gifts were just in plastic bags.  I will admit that we have actually done that for birthdays the last couple of years.  Nolan and Jesse just don’t care.  Enough confessions about what a pitiful gift wrapper I have become.  I’m off to quilt until I need to pick the boys up from school.




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13 12 2007

The ovens look great. All those new tools are paying off.

1 05 2008

I love your directions!!! I am new to embroidery and have a Bernina 630 with the software. Thank you so much for the very thorough directions.

I am interested in learning how to do baby bloomers any help you could give me would be very much appreciated!

Thank you!

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