7 12 2007

I don’t expect to have a lot to say today.  I’m working on recovering from this week and putting my house in order.  The dinner theatre went well and I took a couple of pictures of the boys to post, but somehow I managed to wipe out everything on my camera this morning.  They are pleased, the don’t get really excited about the plays they participate in at school.

We have a very eclectic collection of ornaments on our tree and I thought I would post a few pictures of Christmas decorations and ornaments I’ve made over the years.  Some are from books or patterns, some are copies of ornaments we’ve purchased and some I just made up.

img_1936.jpgThis ornament is made from safety pins and beads.  It goes over a light on the tree so it glows.  The directions came from Christie Low.  A few years ago  we wrote a handout and had a demonstration day for our guild to raise money and Christie provided the directions then.




img_1935.jpg  img_1937.jpg   I painted these penguins when we lived in California over 8 years ago.  They are probably some of my very favorite ornaments.



 img_1941.jpg img_1930.jpgimg_1939.jpg





 These three ornaments are burned out light bulbs.  The idea for them came from a tole painting book.  After making these guys I ended up with quite a collection of old light bulbs.




img_1943.jpg There was a picture of one of these ornaments on one of Carol Duvall’s Holiday specials several years ago.  There weren’t any directions, but I decided I could do it anyway.  They are quick and pretty easy.





img_1940.jpg We bought one of these ornaments and I decided to make more.  They are just tongue depressors painted and decorated.








img_1944.jpg This is another ornament where we bought one and I decided to try my hand at making one.  I’m not really into Santas, but he was too cute to pass up.







img_1945.jpg  img_1953.jpg  These snowmen were made from patterns.  They are all made from batting.  The trio sits out most of the winter and their noses have faded from our bright Colorado sun — which we have even in the winter!


img_1946.jpg This group of snowmen were also made from a pattern.  Are you starting to sense a bit of a theme here?  I did a Snowman Collector block of the month in 2000 and have been stuck on snowmen ever since.  The quilt top is finished, but still waiting to be quilted.





img_1947.jpg This snowman is just a paint can from the hardware store.  This is one I actually came up with on my own.  The can is covered with batting and then decorated with buttons, felt and other fabric.





img_1950.jpg This snowman is made from Terra cotta pots.  These happen to be very small pots, but they could be as big as you wanted.  I don’t remember where the inspiration came for this fellow.










img_1952.jpg Even snowmen stockings.  The directions for these came from one of the Spirit of Christmas books.







img_1951.jpg  Finally a nativity set made from a 2 x 4.  The designs were  placed on the wood with a wood burning tool and then filled in with simple painting.  I didn’t have a nativity set yet when I made these.  My children were small so these were a safe set for them to play with.  I now have three nativity sets, but still really like the simplicity of this one.  The directions for this set also came from one of the Spirit of Christmas books.

I didn’t take the time today to pull out patterns and books to give specific titles today.  If anyone is interested in the specifics for anything you see here I can do that in the near future.





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