Trying to Clarify Imagine

30 11 2007

Since I think I have confused some of you with my ideas for my next color project, I’m going to try to say it better.  The picture with just the lettering on the yellow orange fabric is the actual fabric that I stenciled.  My initial plan was to apply fusible web to the back of that fabric and then cut out the letters and fuse them to the blue-violet background.  When I said I was planning to use the layout in the stenciled piece of fabric, I meant that baseline for the word, rather than a straight baseline.

The second option came when I was looking at the stenciled fabric and thought about just using it as a whole piece then use blue-violet squares to frame the pieces of fabric that had been stenciled.  Clear as mud?




One response

30 11 2007

Sheesh. I just reread your original post, and you know what: you were quite clear about how you were going to cut the letters out. Duh.

I think I still like the single word, and I’m trying to figure out why. I think it might be that that is my favorite word or sentiment of the ones that you listed.

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