29 11 2007

Imagine you need a project finished in less than three weeks for color class.  Eek!  I came up with an idea that was inspired by a project on Suzanne’s blog.  I looked for the exact entry, but can’t find it at the moment.  This project must be quicker than the last two because there is too much else happening during the next three weeks.

This month’s project is complementary.  My plan is to incorporate a word (or words) on a background.  I thought I was going to being doing blue and orange.  When I started looking at what I thought were a lot of blues I found that most of them are actually blue violet if I compare them to the 3 in 1 color tool.  So my colors are going to be blue-violet and yellow-orange.  My first thought was to use Shiva Paint sticks to stencil the word(s) onto the background, but I’m afraid it will start to get somewhat muddied with the complementary colors.

So the next idea was to stencil onto some yellow-orange fabric, add fusible web, cut out the letters and fuse them to the background.  With that in mind I stenciled “Imagine” on a scrap of fabric. 


This is sort of what I was thinking of for the project, just not quite as regular as it came out in Electric Quilt.  The lettering would be as in the layout above. and the stripes wouldn’t be even — might even be curves.  The fabric is also what came with EQ not what I would be using.


Then I started thinking that it might be cool to have multiple words and leave them on the background fabric, so here is another idea.


I’d be interested to hear which one my blog visitors think I should pursue.




One response

30 11 2007

OH, I think I like the single word the best. But I’m confused — would the letters of the words be directly on the background (like the first picture) or would they be on the yellow-orange like in the second picture? I’m thinking the latter, and I think that’s maybe why I’m actually drawn more to the first picture? I like the way the letters stand out against the background better than in the second picture, but maybe it’s just because it’s the EQ graphic, and real-life will be cooler.

I never used to like orange, but now that I have figured out what orange and blue can do for each other, it has grown on me.

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