The Verdict is In

28 11 2007

It was a long day today.  When I got up this morning I decided I need something more interesting for software club.  So I wrote up another whole handout to talk about after we discussed — yawn — underlay and pull compensation.  The students said they learned a lot today and that their brains were full.  I guess that means club was a success.

Tonight was color class and since I missed the last class I had both my neutral and monochromatic projects to present.  The critic was harsher on the monochromatic project.  Perhaps I shouldn’t use the word harsh.  I’m not completely happy with that project either so I would tend to agree with the critics.  There were much better reviews on the neutral project and I will say it holds a much warmer spot in my heart.

I get the next few days to actually work on customer quilts and then it is on to the next iron in the fire.




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