It Will be a Cold Day…

21 11 2007

I finished my monochromatic project yesterday.  The working title while I was quilting it was “It will be a cold day…”  I have slightly more positive thoughts for it this morning.  I had intended to quilt circles in the Storm at Sea blocks, but after quilting one decided it wasn’t going to work.  Rather than enhancing the illusion of curves in the piecing it distracted from it.  Also the piecing on those 5″ blocks isn’t perfect and the circle quilting made it much more obvious.  The allover quilting design on the blocks helped to hide some of the piecing issues.   I adopted the attitude of “get ‘er done” and this is the finished result.  My husband likes it so I guess it isn’t all bad, and it is finished.

I hadn’t planned to put a border on it, but after hanging it on the design wall I decided it need one.  When I was quilting it, the seam through the middle of the picture pulled apart slightly so the white seam allowance showed.  Fabrico Markers to the rescue and I doubt anyone else will be able to find the spot.

I hope I have learned to go simpler for the next project, but I wouldn’t COUNT on it.




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