Second Wednesday

14 11 2007

Today is the second Wednesday of the month which means it is my day to teach embroidery club.  I admit to either being a huge procrastinator or having way to much on my plate.  Embroidery club was today, to that means I spent the two days just prior preparing.  Embroidering on Sweatshirts was the theme for today.  I had my class sample half embroidered last month so the goal was to finish it before this morning.  I was close and it is finished now.  The designs and idea for the shirt are from “Contemporary Machine Embroidered-Fashions” by Eileen Roche.  I used this class to demo the multi-hooping feature in version 5 of the Bernina Software.  I used a design from Bonnie  McCaffrey’s newest DigiBobbE collection.  It wasn’t the first time I had stitched anything out from this CD.  I mirror merged it four ways so the design was too big for the hoop.  It was a beautiful design.  I highly recommend any of her collections.  They are quick and elegant.      club-001.jpg 


  On the schedule for next month is embroidery on paper so I also need at least a couple of samples so I would know what to put on the supply list.  The largest challenge was just finding appropriate paper here in town.  Apparently, there isn’t much call for handmade paper or anything similar in this town.  I stitched out one sample on paper that may be handmade and one on card stock.  I tested to see how well a dense design would work on the handmade paper.  I used a design from one of the Current Critters collections.  It worked fairly well, the stabilizer will definitely need to stay in place.  For the other sample I digitized a fairly open design.  I need to refine the snowflakes a little, but other than that it worked fairly well.  I still have some ideas to test out for next month and then decide on subjects for the next quarter.  That will of course have to wait because there are other things pressing for tomorrow!




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