8 11 2007

I finished a book this week and thought I would give a short review.  “Deborah & Barak If God Be With Us” by Trudy J. Morgan-Cole is a novel based on a Bible story found in Judges 4 & 5.  This book looks at how a woman in that time period might have been able to become a judge and leader, and also why a warrior would refuse to go to battle without her present.  Keep in mind women were little more than property at that point in time — their husband’s word was law.  The book was well written, it dealt with the joys and sorrows women today still face.  It also gave a glimpse into how life in such uncertain times could be lived.  The book was worth reading. 

I am drawn to books based on biblical accounts.  It is interesting to see how that person or story comes to life in someone else’s imagination.  I don’t always agree with what the author imagines, but it provides a new way of looking at something I’ve known about since childhood.  My all time favorite book in this genre is “Joseph” by Terri L. Fivash.  I’m not going to review it now, but it is an almost 500 page book that I couldn’t put down.  I stayed up almost all night the first time I read it to finish it.  I’ve read it at least twice and suspect I will be reading it again in the near future.

I also picked up the new Josh TurnerCD “Everything is Fine.”  I’m really not a huge music buff and almost never listened to country music until I heard Josh Turner about two years ago.  In 2005 my husband’s company held there annual kick-off meeting in Nashville.  For the entertainment on Saturday night they bought out the 80th anniversary performance at the Grand Ole Opry.  I figured it would be interesting just to see it once.  About the only names I recognized on the program were Travis Tritt and Garth Brooks — I told you I wasn’t a music buff.  Josh Turner was the last artist on the line up and in my opinion was the best performance of the whole evening.  He sang “Your Man” and then as an encore performance sang “Long Black Train.”  He has an amazing voice!  I came home and bought his first CD “Long Black Train” and not long after that his second “Your Man” came out and it came home with me.  I’ve been sort of watching his website to see when he might have something new coming out.  I knew he had a new single and figured it wouldn’t be long.  While at the dentist on Monday my son found a review of his new album.  So Tuesday between appointments I went looking for it.  I found it at Walmart with an outdated sale sign over it.  They honored the lower price and “Everything is Fine” popped into my CD player.  I think he has another great album on his hands.  He has written about half the songs and I think at this point my favorite is “The Way He Was Raised.”  Never heard him?  Check out his website and listen to a couple of his songs.  Let me know what you think of his voice.




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11 11 2007

Thanks for the review! It’s always nice to know when people have picked up one of my books. I liked Terri Fivash’s Joseph a lot too, and am looking forward to her upcoming books.

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