7 11 2007

Considering how little time I was home today and all the other things jumping up and down trying to get my attention, it is amazing that I made progress on my Monochromatic project.  I found out yesterday when I went to my wonderful, relaxing, enjoyable Quilters Anonymous meeting (it’s a small quilt group), the deadline for the color project is a week earlier than I expected!  So as of today all the Storm at Sea blocks are together. — Someone check my sanity if I decide to do those as 5″ blocks again. —  I also printed out the sailboats for the center section.  I still need to put a seam between the two sections.   Having spent $3.50 per sheet for the fabric I decided to play with the edges.  All but one of those pictures, I took at some point in time.  The baby owl is the only one that isn’t mine but I was there when the picture was taken.

img_1895.jpg   img_1896.jpg

 I’m off to see if I can finish up the first season (1966) of Mission Impossible tonight.  It is due at the library tomorrow and I have two episodes to go.



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