God a Quilter?

26 10 2007

I wrote the following as my president’s article for the local guild five years ago.  I still believe it.

 I have a deep-seated need to be creating something almost all the time.  My husband wonders why I can’t ever just sit still.  Where does this creative urge come from?  It’s been there as long as I can remember.  I believe my Creator put it in me, after all God was the first quilter!  Here’s how I see it.

One day God looked around and there was nothing.  So He decided to make His kind of quilt.  He started with contrasts – light and dark.  The next day He added some dimension or loft.  It may seem too soon for that to us, but for God it was the perfect time.  The third day we are told He pieced together the base of His quilt.  His palette included the blues of the seas, lakes and streams; the greens of the vegetation; and the browns of the rich earth and rocks.  He went on to appliqué the flowers and all the other splashes of color in nature.  The forth day He determined some accents were in order.  Not so much as to overwhelm His project, but just enough to really spark up the whole creation.  So he added the sun, moon and stars.  On the next two days He decided to add some movement to His “quilt”.  As a result he created the fish, birds and animals.  A little later on the sixth day of this process He added the focal point of His whole creation, a reflection of Himself, man and woman.  When He got to this part He didn’t just stand back and direct the work, He got down and spent time with His own hands molding and refining this part of His creation until it was exactly as He had envisioned.  God knew when to stop.  He knew when His “quilt” didn’t need anything more!  So the seventh day He stepped back took a rest and reflected on His most recent masterpiece.

And that is where I think this creative need comes from.  After all we are created in His image a reflection of Him and just look at His creativity.



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